Welcome to the website of the Orthodox Archbishopric of Good Hope!

We are the local presence of the “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church” on the southern tip of Africa. The Orthodox Church has passed on the Christian faith since the time of the Apostles and it was established in Africa when Saint Mark preached the Good News of Jesus Christ in Alexandria in the middle of the first century A.D.

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September 2019 – Programme of the Holy Services

Church programme

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June 2019- Programme of The Holy Services

June Church Program 

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April 2019- Afrikaans Programme of The Holy Services in Robertson



Sondag 21 April:     Liturgie vir Palmsondag: 9:30vm  Liturgy for Palm Sunday: 9:30am

            Bruidegomsmette: 6:30nm  Bridegroom Matins: 6:30pm


Maandag 22 April:             Liturgie van die Voorafgewyde Gawes: 9vm  Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts: 9am

            Bruidegomsmette: 6:30nm  Bridegroom Matins: 6:30pm


Dinsdag 23 April:               Bruidegomsmette: 6:30nm  Bridegroom Matins: 6:30pm


Woensdag 24 April:           Mette en Siekesalwing: 6:30nm  Matins and Annointing of the Sick: 6:30pm


Donderdag 25 April:          Vesperale Liturgie vir die Instelling van die Heilige Nagmaal: 8:30vm  Vesperal Liturgy for the Institution of the Holy Eucharist: 8:30am

            Twaalfevangeliesdiens: 6:30nm  Twelve Gospels Service: 6:30pm


Vrydag 26 April:                 Vespers vir Goeie Vrydag: 10:30vm  Vespers for Good Friday: 10:30am

            Mette met Klaagliedere:   6:30nm  Matins with Lamentations: 6:30pm


Saterdag 27 April:              Vesperale Liturgie: 9vm  Vesperal Liturgy: 9am

            Die nagdiens, gevolg deur die Paasmette en die Paasliturgie: 11nm  The Pre-Ressurection Service followed by the Paschal  Matins and Liturgy: 11pm


Sondag 28 April:                 Die Agapevespers: 12 nm (net voor middagete.)  Agape Vespers: Midday

 Father Zacharias:  zacharias@barvallei.co.za
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April 2019- Programme of The Holy Services

April Church programme 2019

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March 2019- Programme of the Holy Services


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February 2019 – Programme


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Best pic of KaravakiOnce again the air was alive with the sounds of little voices celebrating the spirit of Christmas!Our annual presentation of the traditional Christmas Karavaki held at the Archbishopric in Rondebosch on Saturday 8 December was a roaring success.

Proxinoa at tableThis year we opted for a whole new approach and started off with a picnic on the lawn while the kids played games and had great fun making faces as they posed in the nativity-themed photo scenes.

Afrikaans group

Meletios and LouiseWe were jpoined by the new Greek Consul in Cape Town Mrs Despina Tsarakakis and her husband Christo and their daughters Sophia and Michaela, whose birthday we also celebrated on the night.

There was a charming musical interlude provided by Eleni and her four children who sang Fill the world with love and a stunning rendition of Celione Dion’s The Prayer translated into Greek.

His Eminence and Ukranian familyThen we were treated to the honeyed voice of Meletios Kashindra who was followed by members of the Ukrainian Association of South Africa singing traditional  Ukrainian Christmas carols.

As twilight lingered over the mountain we all settled down to watch Elf, a fun movie.

Afterwards everyone was encouraged to sing along with f well-loved and popular Greek kalanda and English carols and of course, Jingle Bells was a huge hit  and so loud that people in Sea Point  heard us!

Svenka and group

At the end of the performances we all tucked into a festive feast of mouth-watering Greek and South African confectionery provided by the ladies of The Welfare Committee.


Lighting candles

Afterwards as the moon came up, Pepe Sofianos, our MC, started the countdown to switching on the lights of the Karavaki, which once again was a vision to behold  and as the oohs and aahs  died down, everyone agreed it was the most spectacular Karavaki ever. 

It was a very cheerful, laid-back and happy evening and a perfect way to start the Christmas season with family and friends. This year marks the ninth Karavaki festivity and, as always, everyone shared the love and enjoyment that has made it a signature event in our Orthodox Christmas calendar.

A huge  big fat Greek thank you to His Eminence Archbishop Sergios for hosting us and Pater Nicholaos for always supporting us, Gerry and Gabriel who made magic with the Karavaki lighting, Evgenia and Antonio for all their hard work and to Yiota and her merry band of helpers who made it all happen.

Carol and games

Eutichia and familyPater and Presvetyra with Sevasmiotatos
We wish you all a glorious Christmas and a blessed New Year for 2019. Kala Christougena and Chronia Pola!

By Pepe Sofianos.

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His Holiness Irinej Bulović Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church visits Cape Town on OXI Day 2018


October 28 is Greek National Oxi Day and commemorates the stand  against the forces of fascist   tyranny  and  oppression  by  the people of Greece on this day in 1940.  It is also acclaimed as an affirmation of  true    values like freedom, self-determination and perseverance in our Orthodox faith and heritage which cannot be compromised at any cost.

His Holiness Irinej Patriarch of Serbia, the spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Serbs, honoured us with a visit on this important day and concelebrated the Holy Liturgy at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint George in Woodstock, Cape Town, with His Eminence Archbishop Sergios Metropolitan of Good Hope and  His Grace Bishop of Sumadia  Kir Jovan.


The service which included the Doxology for the Greek National Oxi Day was attended by the newly-arrived Greek Consul in Cape Town Mrs Despina Tsanakakis with her husband and two daughters. The  Honourable  Consul of  Cyprus Mr John Phillippou  and his wife, Mr Fotis Sousalis President of the Hellenic Community of Cape Town, Mr Michael Scholiades Vice-President of the Hellenic Federation and Mr Andreas Coulbanis President of  NAHYSOSA were also present.



It was a splendid and rare occasion to see so many members of the clergy celebrating the Holy Liturgy together with all due pomp and pageantry. There was a good turnout by the Greek and Serbian communities of Cape Town who were also represented by children carrying the flags of Greece, Cyprus, Serbia and South Africa. After the service His Eminence Archbishop Sergios welcomed His Holiness Irinej who responded through an interpreter. His Eminence also presented a beautiful silver icon of the Theotokos  from Kykkos Monastery in Cyprus to the Serbian Patriarch who was visibly delighted.

44961393_2290816111151273_8602688634824425472_nThe morning ended with a rousing rendition of  the  Greek and South African  national anthems sung by the Hellenic Choir of Cape Town under the direction of Mrs Effie Saridakis.


A celebratory lunch was held at the Helleic Community Centre in Green Point to welcome and  honour the Patriarch and the entertainment included Serbian and Greek folk dancing. All in all, it was a very bright and inspiring day underlining the indomitable spirit   and passion  of both Greeks and Serbians                  who have had to shed the yoke of oppression. 43216807_2290817021151182_8873315361664008192_n

In the evening the Patriarch and his entourage paid an official visit to the Metropolis of Good Hope in Rondebosch where he baptised  two adults and two children from the Serbian community in a very moving and intimate ceremony in the Metropolitan Church of Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene.

Compiled by Pepe Sofianos

45079371_2290812907818260_2146853795341008896_n (1)


IMG_1290 (1)





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St Mamma’s Day at the Metropolis of Good Hope-Cape Town, South Africa, Sunday 2 September 2018.

  Saint Mamas annual blessing of the pets, Sunday 2 September 2018.

With a woof woof here, and a neigh neigh there, and children, pets and ponies everywhere, we celebrated our ninth annual St Mamas Pets’ Blessing Day on Sunday 2 September, which took place in the grounds of the Metropolis in Rondebosch, at the invitation of His Eminence Archbishop Sergios .


Without doubt, Deanne Hathaway’s popular ponies were very much in demand again, and even the tiniest tots loved their rides while others (including the teens!) were lining up for the glorious Ukrainian face art so brilliantly painted by Tatiana. We had a grand turnout of dogs of all shades, shapes and sizes and despite a few raised hairs in the beginning, everyone settled down and made friends and had a terrific time.


Amongst those who attended were the Greek Consul in Cape Town, Mr Thomas Matsoukas, Mr Fotis Soualis, the president of the Greek Community of Cape Town and surrounds, Mr Andreas Coulbanis, President of NAHYSOSA, the Students organization of South Africa, and the Greek teachers from our community school, Ariadni Parali and Eleni Koletti, all with their siblings ant their dogs. This year it was nice to have the participation of quite a few Greek students from Cape Town.
40895890_2254386448127573_900182199863607296_nPepe Sofianos introduced the afternoon with a cameo story about St Mamas and the importance of understanding the bond between all of God’s creatures and our responsibility to protect and care for them with compassion and wisdom.
Pater Nikolaos started the proceedings with a prayer for animals and their keepers and everyone lined up to have their pets blessed and as always, Pater’s brilliant smile and easy way with kids and pets made it all so easy and exciting,.
The rest of the afternoon flew by as some of the children made cute bird feeders with pine cones, peanut butter and seeds.

40652260_10212868940900964_6110337061623955456_nThere were yummy eats and comfy hot chicken soup to help warm us up on a cold and wet Spring afternoon and then it was time to wind down with the traditional marshmallow toasting bonfire which is a seriously big hit with all the kids. His Eminence built the fire with the help of the bigger boys and although we were rained out, trust me, we still managed to make melt those marshmallows!
40752368_2254386264794258_4005774439152091136_nFinally everyone went home loaded down with bulging pet goody bags and prizes that were very kindly and generously sponsored by MONTEGO. Thank you so much— we are blessed to have you with us, MONTEGO, and very grateful to you for helping to make this special day so enjoyable and memorable both for the children and their pets.
So, off they went with a goodwill message from Saint Mamas to treasure not only their own pets but also to respect and have compssion for all living creatures and the environment.40654322_2254383331461218_5961826391132471296_n


To all the parents and kids – thank you for braving the rain — you were fabulous, and I know your pets had a ball!
See you next year!

By Pepe Sofianos.



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Feast Day celebrations of Saints Cyril and Methodius – May 2018

The annual Pan-Orthodox celebrations for the Feast Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius took place on Sunday 20 May in Cape Town.H E 0 Communion

The day’s events began with the Holy Liturgy Service held at the Cathedral of Saint George in Woodstock. His Eminence Archbishop Sergios Metropolitan Bishop of Good Hope officiated at the service and it was a very special occasion as we were  honoured to have  Archimandrite Zacharias Van Wyk of Robertson, Father Danil Lugovoy Parish Priest of the Russian Community and Father Isaljo Markovic Parish Priest of the Serbian community, both of Johannesburg, with us for the day and they also participated in the service.

Reverend Father Nikolaos Giamouridis, Prish Priest of St George’s Cathedral, Deacon Father Mihali Simos and Deacon Father Nicholas Esterhuizen also officiated at the service.

Members of the diplomatic corps were also present – Mr Thomas Matsoukas Consul of Greece, Mr Johnny Philippou Honorary Consul of Cyprus, Mr Roman Ambarov Consul General of Russia and  Mr Boris Vassilev Honorary Consul of Bulgaria.

Mr Fotis Sousalis President of the Hellenic Community, Dr Misha  Galukhin Chairman of the Russian Club, Dzvinka Kachur President of the  Ukrainian Society and Vesna Jablanovic Chairlady of the Serbian Sisterhood of Saint Petka represented their communities at the service.Proxino

Welcome addressThen we were delighted and enchanted by the talents of both the adults and children of the different communities in the cross-cultural programme.

Gabriel and Andonis of the St George’s Youth Group told us about the lives and works of these two great saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Andonis and Gabriel

The  Russian girl’s  group, dressed in national costume, charmed us with a traditional Russian folk dance and were followed by the Bulgarian Language School who delivered their poems in a very confident and polished way.Russian girls

Archimandrite Zacharias was joined by Emelia, Francois and Joanna, members of the Robertson Parish, to chant in Afrikaans, which was truly a moving experience. The programme ended on a high note with a hymn chanted by Meletios and two friends from the Congo, Vassilios and Leon, of the St George’s Cathedral Chanters.

His Eminence then blessed the food and the Serbian guitarfeasting began! The buffet table was groaning under the weight of traditional Greek, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian dishes including very South African ribbetjies and Indian chicken curry. Everything was prepared and presented by the ladies of the different communities. However, the melting point was the dessert table with an array of utterly decadent treats!

The children meanwhile had loads of fun having their faces painted with folkloric Eastern European flowers.


Bugarian group

Blessng of food

The event was very well-attended and everyone agreed that it was a happy hectic day honouring two revered saints in a homely and relaxed atmosphere where everyone could just enjoy the glory of the moment.

Looking forward to next year!

By Pepe Sofianos

Lunch on patio

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