His Eminence Archbishop Sergios Metropolitan of Good Hope travels to Namibia

On Saturday 31 October His Eminence Archbishop Sergios Metropolitan of Good Hope officiated at the Service of the Holy Eucharist in Walvis Bay, assisted by  psalter Mr Yiannis Tazopoulos, in the presence of Mr John Savvas, Consul for Greece and Cyprus in Namibia   It was also the fifth annual memorial service for the late Yianni Savvas, son of Mr and Mrs Savvas .

The Service, which was held in the evening was attended by local dignitaries, non-Orthodox guests and the Orthodox families of the area, who all gathered together to pay their respects to the late Yianni Savvas.   Special prayers were also said for the passengers (and their families) who lost their lives aboard the Russian aircraft which crashed in the air on the way back to Russia from Sinai After the service a dinner was hosted by Mr Savvas at the Atlantic Hotel.

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There is no Orthodox Church in Namibia at this point in time and Services are held in an appropriate space (which is converted into a simple Church) at the Hotel, owned by Mr  Savvas. A spot has been identified to build a Church in the future but nothing has been finalised at this point in time.

The Orthodox Community in and around Walvis Bay and also in Windhoek are small and Mr Savvas oversees these communities. The Archdiocese of Good Hope arranges for the Russian priest from Johannesburg, Father Daniel to travel to Namibia from time to time to service the needs of the faithful in Windhoek where the Russian Embassy is based.

His Eminence also had the opportunity to visit the  MTE Walvis Bay Expo 2015 industrial exhibition. held for the Industry in the area which includes that of port, fish, engineering, civil, mining, rail, infrastructure, construction as well as an airport to be upgraded. Walvis Bay is also the port for all land-locked countries around Namibia.

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