Historic and unprecedented event for Kykkos Monastery – Holy and Great Council, Kolymbari, Crete

Something interesting has happened in history during the work of the Holy and Great Council in Kolymbari Crete for the Holy Royal and Merciful Kykkos Monastery.  It is a great honor  for the  Metropololititan and Abbot of the monastery .

Specifically  the Holy Synod is being attended by His Eminence Winning and 5 Kykkotis brothers.

There are six Hierarchs from the same monastery. This has never happened before in any meeting …


Seen here are; . Cyrene –  Athanasios Kykkotis; 2. Zimbabwe  – Seraphim Kykkotis

3. Good Hope (Cape Town) Sergius Kykkotis; 4. Kyrenia – Chrysostom Kykkotis

5. Tamasos and Mountainous – Isaiah Kykkotis; 6. Kykkos Nikiforos Tillyria Kykkotis

Written by Emil Polygeni

Source –  https://www.holycouncil.org/home


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