Metropolitan Church of Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene – Feast day for the Saints

On Monday 13 April His Eminence Archbishop Sergios Metropolitan of Good Hope, officiated at the Vespers Service together with Archimandrite Evlogios Antonellos, ​a visiting priest from George, Father Nikoloas Giamouridis and deacon Father Michael Simos ​ in the presence of Mr Nassos Martalas, the president of the Hellenic Community of Cape Town. The Service included an​ Artoklasia in anticipation of the Feast of the Saints.

In his address after the Service His Eminence gave thanks individually to each of the chanters, Demetri Zitianellis, Stavros Simos, Panayiotis Psomas​, Yanny​ Cara​mbassis,  Athanasios Spanoudes​, ​and Gabriel Athiros ​who always make a special effort to participate in the Services held at the Church of Saints, Raphael Nicholas and Irene.

He also thanked Evangelitsa Psomas and Fotini Coulbanis ​ for preparing the loaves of bread for the Artoklasia, and the ladies of the Welfare Committee of the Metropolis and everyone for attending and wished them all good health and many years.

Saint Raphael 7

He said that these Saints, remained unknown martyrs for 500 years and only appeared in 1959 in a miraculous way. Excavations were carried out and this proved the story of the saints. The reason for their appearance is that in these times we need more help and support in our Faith. Throughout the world these Saints are well known because of the miracles that they have performed.

The decision to name this Church in honour of these Saints is the result of the miracle of the personal involvement of the Saints, and their relics have also come to this Church for a reason.  His Eminence wished everyone a blessed Feast day and after the Service a celebratory cocktail was held.

On Tuesday morning a Service of the Holy Eucharist was held and Archimandrite delivered a Sermon explaining the significance of this period in the lives of the faithful. After the Service refreshments were served.

Saint Raphael 2


Saint Raphael 1

Saint Raphael 5


Saint Raphael 4


Saint Raphael 3

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