Service for the Sanctification of the waters and cutting of the Vasilopita (St Basil’s Bread) – Orthodox Centre, Cape Town

On Sunday 10 January, His Eminence Archbishop Sergios, Metropolitan Bishop of Cape Town officiated at the Service for the Sanctification of the Waters together with Reverend Father Nikolaos and Deacon Father Nicholas Esterhuizen at the Orthodox Centre in Cape Town. The Service was attended by Consul Mr Thomas Matsoukas from the Greek Consulate in Cape Town and consular staff, Mr Nassos Martalas, president of the Hellenic Community of Cape Town and Mr Fotis Sousalis, vice president of the Hellenic Community, other prominent members of the community and parishioners from the Cathedral of Saint George.


This event is always held on the Sunday after Epiphany because it is more convenient for everyone to attend. This was the third year that the Service was held at the Orthodox Centre pool. In the past the Service was held in the Ocean and after some changes were made the Service progressed to the Sea Point public swimming pool which was not altogether ideal. After that the Greek Consul in Cape Town offered his residence. The present residence of the Greek Consul does not have a pool and for the past three years the Service has taken place at the Orthodox Centre.


The event, organised by the Welfare Committee under the auspices of His Eminence Archbishop Sergios was very well attended and as always the youngsters had a lot of fun when they dived to catch the Cross which His Eminence threw into the pool.  This year George Rodinis and Dino Phillipou caught the Cross.


Following the diving for the Cross, His Eminence blessed and cut the Vasilopita which had been prepared by Mrs Fotini Coulbanis. The first slice was cut for Christ, the second for Saint Basil, the third for the poor, the fourth slice was cut for the Greek Consul, Mr Thomas Matsoukas. and His Eminence said that he hoped that he would get the special blessing of the coin because our Motherland Greece needs many blessings to get through the recent economic crisis and the thousands of refugees arriving as a result of the conflict in the Middle East. The fifth slice was cut for Mr Nassos Martalas. His Eminence said that if the Consul did not find the coin in his slice, he hoped he would find the coin because the Hellenic Community of Cape Town needs a lot of guidance and blessings in order to complete the huge task which they have undertaken to renovate the church and upgrade the church complex.

The balance of the Vasilopita was cut and everyone helped themselves. A few pieces remained and His Eminence decided to take one  of them for the Metropolis and “surprise” that was the slice with the coin in it!   A delicious lunch was prepared by the Welfare committee which everyone enjoyed and we look forward to a Blessed New Year.






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