St Mamas Annual Pets Blessing Day 2017 – Metropolis of Good Hope, Cape Town

Ponies and pets, kiddies and sticky fingers are a fail-proof recipe for fun and happy memories which all happened on Sunday 3 September at our eighth annual St Mamas Pets Blessing which took place in the grounds of the Metropolis in Rondebosch.


Our prayers for  sunshine were answered  by St  Mamas and the afternoon  turned out  to  be a brilliant  Spring  day and was  a resounding success.

We had a rather rowdy start to the proceedings with dogs getting to know each other but everyone   soon settled down and we had a terrific time.


After lighting the candles and incense in front of the icon of Saint Mamas, His Eminence Archbishop Sergios  and  Pater Nikolaos  welcomed  everyone   with a   hymn  and  a prayer  for animals. Then we all lined up to have our pets blessed by Pater Nikolaos who has a special knack of calming even the most   wayward dogs!


Of course,  Deanne  Hathaway’s   popular ponies  were very much in demand as even the tiniest tots wanted to have a ride and Pepe’s fun lucky draws and prizes got the kids buzzing   with excitement.


Yummy  refreshments were  served  and  finally it  was  time to  wind down with the traditional  marshmallow  bonfire which is always very popular with the children.Everyone went  home with pet  goody bags  and  a special  message from  Saint Mamas to  treasure  our pets and help spread  his example of  goodwill to all living creatures.

See you next year!


By Pepe Sofianos.



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