What does it mean to be a Hellene? How did we become Orthodox Christians?

Seniors enjoy an uplifting talk by Eleni Ratheb at the Orthodox Centre

13012673_1781126115453611_5982493073427169515_nFrom the moment the guests arrived at the Orthodox Centre in Lyndon Crescent, Cape Town, the buzz of interest was in the air as senior parishioners from around Cape Town gathered to enjoy and share a lunch and talk on Thursday 21 April 2016.

The Welfare Committee, under the auspices of  His Eminence Archbishop Sergios of Good Hope Metropolitan Bishop Cape Town, has initiated this monthly morning tea and  lunch get-together to encourage older members of the community to socialise and network with one another in the comfort and familiarity of a Greek atmosphere.

The draw for those present this time was a talk on “What does it mean to be a Hellene” presented by Eleni Ratheb.  Her well-researched and information-rich lecture included  references taken from an article written by His Eminence Archbishop Sergios entitled “The Greek Orthodox way of life and the responsibilities of the Greeks,”depicted the way God has a plan for all of us. She traced our history and development as Hellenes, both on the secular and spiritual levels and how we eventually were led to where we are today as Greek Orthodox Christians.


She outlined how even from the earliest time of our civilization God had sown the seed of monotheism in the minds and souls of the great thinkers of Ancient Greece.

Eleni’s poignant depiction of how our  heritage and religion it gives us all a reason for being better people brought tears to many an eye and served to underline just what a rich and blessed heritage the Greeks have.

A delicious nistisimo lunch and   refreshments were laid on and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.


The next  get-together will be held in May and details will be published in the Community Newsletter email and our Facebook age, “Metropolis Kalis Elpidos Polis Akrotiriou.” Transport can be arranged if necessary. We look  forward to welcoming more senior members of our community to these functions where we celebrate friendship and fellowship.

By Pepe Sofianos

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