youthgraphic1Youth Challenge

Our youth activities agenda includes involvement in important ministries of our Church like Sunday School, Teen Scene, and English services to encourage our youth to come together and enjoy Orthodox Christian fellowship while keeping up and proclaiming our Orthodox Faith.

Age appropriate activities based on the needs of the different groups of youth are planned throughout the year in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that still has a religious feeling.

We also foster creativity, a caring attitude and a spirit of confidence and camaraderie through events like Saint Mamas Day when we focus on household pets; the Karavaki which gives kids of all ages a chance to experience the true spirit of Christmas; student lunches and leisure get-togethers, and outreach activities. These functions are designed to encourage our youth to be proud of their heritage and Faith so that they want to bring their friends along to share the experiences with them.

In all these activities we nurture both the littlest ones to the young adults, providing an ideal opportunity for the older group to mentor the younger ones, giving both groups a sense of belonging, responsibility
and interdependence.

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