The Way

The Way is an introductory course on the Orthodox Christian faith that we ran in Cape Town between August 2011 and March 2012. It was developed by the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, England and has been run in various places around the world. Each evening session involved sharing a meal together, watching a video lecture, responding in small groups and finally having a chance to ask questions about our faith.

The Way consisted of twelve evening sessions which covered the central themes of our Orthodox faith and practice. We have summarised the first six talks, and hope to provide summaries of all of the talks at a later stage.

The Search for Faith
God the Holy Trinity: ‘The Lover of Mankind’
Being Human: Fully Alive (I)
Being Human: Fully Alive (II)
Why did Jesus come to us?
Salvation in Christ
The Holy Spirit

What on earth is the Church? Isn’t God enough?
Living the Faith: 1. The Divine Liturgy – “A Pearl of Great Price”
Living the Faith: 2. The Holy Mysteries
Living the Faith: 3. The Bible, Prayer and Fasting
Living the Faith: 4: Christian Behavior
Heaven on Earth: Members of the Church and Citizens of Heaven