Feast Day celebrations of St Sergios and St Bacchus and St Sergius of Radonezh – Metropolitan Church of Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene, Cape Town.

The Vespers Service for the Feast Day of Saint Sergios and Saint Bacchus and Saint Sergius of Radonezh was held on Thursday 6 October. His Eminence Archbishop Sergios officiated at the service, which included an Artoclasia for the saints, beside Father Nikolaos Giamourides, Deacon Father Michael Simos and Deacon Father Nicholas Esterhuizen . Also present were the Consul of Greece Mr Thomas Matsoukas with members of his consular staff, Mr Johnny Philippou honorary Consul of Cyprus and Mr Foti Sousalis, President of the Hellenic Community of Cape Town.


After the Service Father Nikolaos thanked His Eminence for his many years of service to the Church in Cape Town and that we were privileged as a Community to have the Metropolis based in our City. He made mention of the various successful projects that His Eminence had initiated and completed to date and wished him many years.

In his address after the Service His Eminence said that Father Nikolaos was his “right hand” and thanked him for his ongoing support. He also thanked Father Michael and Father Nicholas. psalters and proto psalter Gregory Manolellis from East London.  His Eminence spoke about the martyr Saints Sergios and Bacchus and about Saint Sergius Radonezh whose name he bears.


He also thanked Consul Mr Matsoukas and consular staff and the newly appointed honorary Consul for Cyprus Mr Babi Philippou for their ongoing support of the Metropolis and mentioned that there is a an ancient Orthodox  Monastery dedicated to the Saints Sergios and Bacchus in occupied Cyprus. And that it is one of the  many Churches dedicated to these Saints in other parts of Cyprus. He said that we must never give up hope that the issue will be resolved and that Cyprus would get back what was rightfully hers.  He welcomed Mr Foti Sousalis and said that he wished him strength because he had taken on a big task and that it was good to see the progress being made with the repairs to the Cathedral of Saint George which was happening simultaneously to the roof being erected on the building that the Metropolis was building in preparation for the mission in Khayelitsha.

Finally His Eminence thanked everyone present who had come to celebrate his name day with him and the Welfare Committee for all their support with regards to the projects of the Metropolis. After the Service everyone enjoyed refreshments served by the Welfare Committee and a  Service of the Holy Eucharist was held on Friday morning 7 October.



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