Your Faith Has Made You Well

catacombs healingToday we hear two remarkable accounts of healing miracles. Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, came looking for Jesus, begging Him to come and heal his daughter who was dying. But before they could reach his house Jesus was approached by a woman with a flow of blood who touched the fringe of His cloak and was healed. No sooner had this happened, than Jairus received a message that his daughter had died. Undeterred, Jesus proceeded to the house, took the child by the hand, and raised her to life, demonstrating that He has power over life and death.

The account of this girl being raised from death is interrupted by the healing of the woman with a flow of blood. This is an important event of healing in itself, for this woman had been suffering from an ailment that made her ritually unclean according to Jewish law. At her wits ends, she dared to reach out to Christ and touch the fringe of His cloak and was instantly healed. And, significantly, we are told that Jesus Christ knew that power had gone out of Him. In healing her, Christ revealed His divinity and His true identity. He is the One with power over life and death, the Saviour who is able to heal us.

We too suffer under the power of sin and death and need Christ’s healing. But in order for Jesus Christ to heal us, we have to reach out to Him – we need to acknowledge our need for Him. This often requires courage and we may be more inclined to think that we should be able to manage on our own. But true faith – the faith that heals us – is the faith that has learnt that we need a Saviour and that dares to call out to Jesus Christ for help.

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